Deezer Family
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Deezer Family

More accounts. More choices.

1 month free
Then £19.99/month
Cancel anytime.

• Download your music
• Unlimited and on demand
• Ad-free

How does your 1-month trial work?

Why choose Deezer Family?

6 individual accounts

Get 6 individual accounts on your family music plan for each unique listener to discover their own playlists, favourites and Flow.

Save on Deezer Premium

Play music for the whole family for less than the price of two Deezer Premium plans.

Kid profiles

Keep control of what your child is listening to, while they enjoy the best kid-friendly content on the Deezer Family account.

Deezer Premium benefits

Listen without limits — play any track, anytime with no ads, and listen offline.

Cross-device listening

Connect up to 13 devices across phones, desktops, home smart speakers and more.

High Fidelity sound

Listen to FLAC music in High Fidelity sound as if you were right in the recording studio.

Kid content made easy

Set up kids-only profiles to make sure the content is suitable for little ears. Take control while keeping the kids entertained with a selection of age-appropriate lullabies and tween tracks just for them.

Music to match your families rhythm

Switch between phones, tablets or laptops, or sync to a wide range of home devices and game consoles.

Use voice commands to control music with Amazon Alexa, or switch between accounts on any Google Home device.

Heading out? Seamlessly connect your smartwatch or car system with your account to take your music on the go.



Deezer Family

More accounts. More choices.

1 month free
Then £19.99/month
Cancel anytime.