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Congeniality Ornette Coleman 06:47
Lonely Woman Ornette Coleman 05:02
Broad Way Blues Ornette Coleman 08:40
Eventually Ornette Coleman 04:23
Peace Ornette Coleman 09:04
Air Ship Ornette Coleman 06:11
Jump Street Ornette Coleman 04:24
3 Wishes Ornette Coleman, Jerry Garcia, Prime Time 04:18
Bird Food Ornette Coleman 05:30
Him And Her Ornette Coleman 04:20

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Lonely Woman
Focus on Sanity

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Pulitzer Prize-winning saxophonist Ornette Coleman was a towering influence on modern jazz playing and became one of the pioneers of the so-called free jazz movement in the 1960s. His unorthodox approach to playing with its unusual approach to chord progressions and harmony didn't always find an appreciative audience and in his early years his radical approach was often misunderstood by his less enlightened peers.

Regarded as an iconoclast by some and a genius by others, one of his defining albums was his 1960 release 'Free Jazz: A Collective Improvisation'. The album had a polarising effect on listeners; some hardened jazz fans viewed it as a step too far into the unknown whereas others saw it as the dawning of an exciting new era. From these avant-garde beginnings Coleman progressed into more accessible material combining elements of funk, rock and jazz. During his playing career Coleman continued to push the boundaries of music often experimenting with much younger musicians and adapting material from a wide range of cultural influences. He continued to perform and record right up until he was 80 years old. Coleman died of a heart attack in 2015 aged 85.