Symphonic Metal

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Canciones de la playlist

Diamond Claws Rhapsody of Fire 04:36
Universal Xandria 04:41
Aeterna Simone Simons, Ayreon 06:02
The Unforgiven II Apocalyptica 04:05


Fleshgod Apocalypse 03:58
California Sonata Arctica 04:25
Eye Of The Untold Her Lindsey Stirling 03:40
Burning Heart DragonForce 05:55
Outer Space Ad Infinitum 04:28
What We're Up Against feat. Elize Ryd of Amaranthe Apocalyptica, Elize Ryd, Amaranthe 03:40
A Brave New Hope Rhapsody of Fire 04:40
Carry On Myrath 04:28
Sapphire Nocturna 03:54
Hammer of the Gods Leaves' Eyes 04:35
My Forever Endeavour Elvellon 05:08
Medusa Induction 04:44
Moonflower Blackbriar, Marjana Semkina 03:47
Ghosts In The Mist Unleash The Archers 05:46
Armada Visions of Atlantis 04:03
Firebringer Alterium 03:52
Heed The Call Anette Olzon 04:57
Femme Fatale Exit Eden 04:45
Cyberdome Metalite 04:45
Outer Dimensions Amaranthe 03:05
Ayahuasca Therion 07:57
Wings of Twilight Arion, Melissa Bonny 04:30
Ritual Within Temptation 03:37
Gods Of The World Angra 04:43
The End of Babylon Serenity 04:02
Fairytale ILLUMISHADE 04:50

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