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Seriously, Eric? #1234567

Various Artists


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Titres de l'album

Marianne, You've Done It Now (Plaisir de France Revisite) Vandaveer, Plaisir de France 03:56
Animals KIT 04:05
Can You Hear Me This Way (Galaxy Birthday Remix) Kim, Galaxy Birthday 03:46
Bank Holiday (Pr Fooniax Remix) The Lanskies, Pr Fooniax 03:18
Never No Dollar (Dub Version) Black Devil Disco Club 06:47
Long Way Debmaster 04:09
Camel Sauvage 03:50
Baby Sleep Lisbonne 03:22
Baseball James Levy 02:53
Sitting on the Shelf Without Shelly (Plaisir de France Remix) Catriona Irving, Plaisir de France 04:29
Bon Bon (Solex vs. Cristina Martinez & Jon Spencer) Solex, Cristina Martinez, Jon Spencer 02:26
Certified Organic (feat. Sadat X) ASM, Sadat X 04:00
The Way You Make Me Feel Galaxy Birthday 02:58
Ton serial killer préféré Automatiq 02:59
Swing Me Out Fireball F.C. 03:21
Riff The Konki Duet 04:16
Prince Vince (Raw Looping Edit) Kid Francescoli 02:26
Forever Hold Turner Cody 03:01
Up in the Building Mi and L'au 02:21
Virtual Needs for Human Requirements Circ 03:26