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Talking In Your Sleep The Romantics 03:53
Talking In Your Sleep The Romantics 04:12
What I Like About You The Romantics 02:55
Nothing Gonna Change My Love For You The Romantics 03:46
Open Up Your Door The Romantics 03:59
One in a Million The Romantics 03:40
Do Me Anyway You Wanna The Romantics 03:21
Tomboy The Romantics 02:29
When I Look In Your Eyes The Romantics 03:00
Tell It to Carrie The Romantics 03:22

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When I Look In Your Eyes
Tell It to Carrie
First In Line
Keep In Touch

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Led by main songwriter and vocalist Wally Palmar, The Romantics made their way to international stardom thanks to their New Wave-infused brand of power pop, complemented with flamboyant hairstyles and matching leather outfits that offered an edgy, modern take on early Motown groups such as The Temptations and The Four Tops. Formed in 1977 in Detroit, the band’s original lineup included Palmar on guitar and vocals, drummer and singer Jimmy Marinos, guitarist Mike Skill, and bassist Richie Cole. During their first years, The Romantics toured incessantly throughout the US, playing at some of the most iconic underground venues in the country. They made their official debut with the single “Little White Lies" b/w "I Can't Tell You Anything” in 1978 via Spider Records and signed with Nemperor for their self-titled first full-length. Released in 1980, the album gave the band their first taste of recognition with the energetic single “What I Like About You.” Featuring Marinos as lead singer, the song reached Number 2 on the Australian charts and later became a staple of classic rock radio. Sophomore effort National Breakout didn’t fare as well as its predecessor but found the band branching out into surf rock and classic Motown territory, as well as headlining their first world tour. Following Skill’s departure shortly after Strictly Personal (1981), the band headed back to the studio to record what would become their best-selling album, 1983’s In Heat. Propelled by the chart-topping single “Talking In Your Sleep,” the LP peaked at Number 14 on the Billboard 200 and was certified gold in both the US and Canada. Inner conflicts led to Marino’s exit from the band, who recruited Dave Petratos for 1985’s Rhythm Romance. In the following years, The Romantics retreated from the spotlight due to a legal dispute with their label - a lawsuit that was settled in 1995, granting them control over their catalog once again. Despite their extensive touring activity during the 90s, they wouldn’t release any new material until 2003’s 61/49, issued almost two decades after their last studio full-length.