Festival Beauregard

La playlist intégrale de John !

Titres de la playlist

Vultures Cocoon 03:00
Chupee Cocoon 02:56
Bison Tremore 04:02
Stereo Tremore 02:48
Métissage Dub Inc 05:17
Afrikya Dub Inc 04:46
Anaid Porcelain 04:58
The Man Who Never Sleeps Porcelain 03:56
Est-ce que tu aimes ? Arthur H, M 03:30
La chanson de Satie Arthur H, Feist 03:47
Werewolf In Love The Dodoz 02:52
You're a Fucker! Fucker! The Dodoz 02:17
In Your Hands Charlie Winston 03:51
Like A Hobo Charlie Winston 03:38
Unpredictable Tahiti 80 03:23
Brazil Tahiti 80 03:44
Batcat Mogwai 05:25
I Love You, I'm Going To Blow Up Your School Mogwai 07:33
Voices Hugh Coltman 03:10
Could You Be Trusted Hugh Coltman 03:51
Last of the English Roses Peter Doherty 04:58
New Love Grows on Trees Peter Doherty 03:37
Spin It Peter Digital Orchestra 06:30
Someone Else Peter Digital Orchestra 05:42
Cannibale Guns Of Brixton 05:14
Last Coma After a Slow Dance Guns Of Brixton 03:28
Private Affair


The Virgins 02:49
Rich Girls


The Virgins 03:00
Bloody Valentine Cornflakes Heroes 03:36
Good morning naked city Cornflakes Heroes 05:38