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Feel the heat of the night Masterboy 03:41
I got to give it up Masterboy 06:02
Is this the love Masterboy 05:32
Different dreams Masterboy 03:44
Anybody - movin'on Masterboy 03:54
Generation of love Masterboy 03:39
I Need A Lover Tonight Masterboy 04:03
Land of dreaming Masterboy 04:03
I got to give it up Masterboy 03:35
Mister feeling Masterboy 03:52

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I Need A Lover Tonight
I Need A Lover Tonight
I Need A Lover Tonight
I Need A Lover Tonight

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Masterboy is a Eurodance band from Germany founded in 1989. Their first two albums, The Masterboy Family (1991) and Feeling Alright (1993), were initially not very well received. At least the singles "Dance to the Beat" and "Shake It Up and Dance" landed in the Top 30 in Germany in 1990. Masterboy started 1994 with the single "I Got to Give It Up". The song develops into a first hit. The follow-up single "Feel the Heat of the Night" even reaches number 8 in Germany and also lands top positions internationally. The album Different Dreams subsequently climbs to number 19 in Germany. "Is This the Love" is another top hit in the same year. With " Generation of Love" and "Anybody (Movin' On)", Masterboy continued to ride the wave of success in 1995. Two more international chart toppers followed with Generation of Love - The Album (1995) and Colours (1996). The 1996 singles "Land of Dreaming", "Mister Feeling" and "Show Me Colours" once again reached high positions in the international charts. As the Eurodance wave came to an end, Masterboy slowly disappeared from the charts. A longer artistic break followed from 2005. Since 2011, Masterboy have been playing live shows again and celebrating their hits from the 1990s.