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Lusty Lamb 04:09
Angelica Lamb 03:40
Trans Fatty Acid Lamb 06:44
Gabriel Lamb 04:20
Gorecki Lamb 06:30
Stronger Lamb 03:14
One Lamb 04:17
What Sound Lamb 03:44
In Binary Lamb 05:16
Back to Beginning Lamb, Damien Rice 03:19

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- Lamb

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God Bless
Trans Fatty Acid

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A discreet group, Lamb lies somewhere between drum & bass and trip-hop. With five albums released between 1996 and 2011, the Manchester-based band is by no means a studio fiend. Acclaimed with the dense Lamb in 1996 and the single "Gorecki", the duo found some popularity in England in 1999 with Fear of Fours. In 2001, What Sound won favor in Portugal with the single "Gabriel", a number-one hit in Lusitania. After Between Darkness and Wonder (2003), Lamb took a five-year break. It wasn't until 2009 that Lou Rhodes and Andy Barlow returned to the stage, and 2011 that the duo released Live at Koko in quick succession, followed by 5, their first album in seven years. Three years and a few outside collaborations later, Lamb resurfaced with the album Backspace Unwind.