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Beyaz Zambaklar Ata Demirer, Melek Büyükcinar 04:09
Şaka Yaptım Ata Demirer, Melek Büyükcinar 02:50
Seni Yazdım Kalbime Ata Demirer, Melek Büyükcinar 03:28
Unutabilsem Ata Demirer 04:09
Unutma Beni Ata Demirer, Melek Büyükcinar 04:30
Dokumacı Kızlar Ata Demirer 01:38
Yaşamak Yalan Belki Ata Demirer 04:33
Pınarbaşı Ben Olayım Ata Demirer, Melek Büyükcinar 02:32
Dübeş Attım Yek Geldi Ata Demirer, Melek Büyükcinar 01:42
Bülbül Kasidesi Ata Demirer 03:34

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Ata Demirer is a Turkish entertainer whose work encompasses comedy, music, acting, and filmmaking. He was born on July 6, 1972, in Bursa, Turkey, and moved to Istanbul in 1991 to study music as a college student. It was there that he began performing locally as a stand-up comedian, often impersonating popular Turkish singers and other celebrities during his comedy routines. Demirer eventually parlayed his success as a comic into a prolific television career. He wrote, produced, and appeared in the show Korsan TV in 2001, and also enjoyed a three-year run on the TV sitcom Tatlı Hayat from 2001 to 2004. His first movie role, Where's Firuze?, arrived in 2004, as did the first season of next television sitcom, Avrupa Yakası. One year later, Ata Demirer released his debut album, Makara, which showcased the singing talents that were first introduced in his stand-up routines. An EP, Exit, followed in 2006 and featured four songs. Although he occasionally played shows as a musician, he made far more public performances as a comedian, even traveling to multiple countries in April 2007 with his comedy tour, Ata Demirer Show. The tour helped solidify his star power, and Demirer became one of Turkey's leading male actors with 2008's The Ottoman Republic, the fourth highest-grossing film in Turkey that year. He then wrote and starred in Eyyvah Eyvah, which was Turkey's highest-grossing film in 2010, and its equally-popular sequel, Eyyvah Eyvah 2, which was the highest-grossing film of 2011. He record another album, Alaturka, in 2014 and continued to periodically release music during the following years, with the single "Beyaz Zambaklar" reaching Number 56 on the Turkish charts in 2023.