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IMMER UNTERWEGS AK Ausserkontrolle, Haftbefehl 02:46
069 Haftbefehl, Bazzazian 03:43
RADW Haftbefehl, Bazzazian 03:17
Dann mit der Pumpgun 2.0 Haftbefehl, Azad, Kool Savas, Bazzazian 03:19
Conan x Xenia Haftbefehl, Shirin David, Bazzazian 03:20
OZEAN Kalim, Haftbefehl 02:22
RACHE (SABAH SABAH) Kardo, Haftbefehl, X WAVE 01:55
Chabos wissen wer der Babo ist Haftbefehl 02:20
Tränen Nimo, Haftbefehl 02:34
1999 Pt. 6 (Gabriel vs. Luzifer) Haftbefehl, Bazzazian 02:26

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The German rapper Haftbefehl was born Aykut Anhan on December 16, 1985 in Offenbach am Main. Both his parents come from Turkey. His stage name goes back to an arrest warrant issued against the rapper in 2006. After contributing to the label sampler Kapitel 1: Zeit für was Echtes and albums by Manuellsen and Kollegah, Haftbefehl released his first album Azzlack Stereotyp in October 2010. The album reaches number 59 in the German charts. In spring 2012, the rapper releases his second album Kanackis and climbs into the German top 10 at number 10. Kanackis contains contributions from other rappers such as Sido and Jan Delay. The mixtape The Notorious H.A.F.T. is released in 2012 in memory of the late musician The Notorious B.I.G. The songs feature acapellas by the German rapper in the style of the 1990s. With the single "Chabos wissen wer der Babo ist", Haftbefehl makes it back into the German charts at number 30. The track is remixed several times. The Zaza word Babo (father, boss) subsequently becomes part of German youth language. The album Russisch Roulette (number 4 in Germany) with beats by Bazzazian followed in 2014. Haftbefehl contributed to the song "Mama" by MoTrip in 2015. This was followed by the release of the tracks "CopKKKilla" and "Depressionen im Ghetto" as well as the mixtape Unzensiert later in the year. The rapper can be heard in the song "Macha Macha" by the band Beginner in 2016. Due to a prison sentence, it took until 2020 before the longplayer Das weiße Album was released. The album Das schwarze Album followed just one year later. Both albums reach top 10 positions in the German-language charts. The next Haftbefehl album, Mainpark Baby, is released at the end of 2022. In Germany, the album reaches number 5 in the album charts. In April 2024, Haftbefehl re-releases his album Blockplatin, which was indexed in 2013, under the new title Platinblock. The new edition reaches number 80 in Germany.