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Love Talk WayV 03:52
Moonwalk 天选之城 WayV 03:42
Love Talk 秘语 WayV 03:52
Turn Back Time 超时空 回 WayV 03:38
Kick Back 秘境 WayV 03:50
King of Hearts 心心相瘾 WayV 03:18
Action Figure WayV 03:19
Bad Alive WayV 03:49
Face to Face 面对面 WayV 03:27
After Midnight WayV 03:29

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WayV (from LABEL V), with members that have outstanding talent, good looks, and strong passion towards music, debuted on the 17th of January, 2019, with their first digital album . WayV’s debut album is of remarkable quality, and listeners will be able to experience not only the team’s distinct color but also the musical capability of each of the 7 members. The album which encompasses various genres such as hip-hop, dance, and ballad, consists of tracks such as ‘Come Back’, ‘Dream Launch’, and the title track ‘Regular’. As WayV is making their debut through LABEL V with SM ENTERTAINMENT’s producing, a synergy between global trend and the member’s unique musical personality is definitely worth looking forward to. They are rookies that are anticipated to be the new standard of Chinese boy bands.