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Lonely Soul UNKLE, Richard Ashcroft 08:54
Rabbit In Your Headlights UNKLE, Thom Yorke 06:17
If We Don’t Make It (Rōnin Throwdown) UNKLE 06:15
The Little Things Danny Elfman, UNKLE 04:13
Looking for the Rain UNKLE 05:54
Invasion UNKLE 05:13
Burn My Shadow UNKLE, Ian Astbury 04:59
Nature or Nurture? / Am I Built Like This? Future Utopia, UNKLE, Jelani Blackman, Ghetts 08:59
When Things Explode UNKLE, Ian Astbury 13:42
Be There UNKLE, Ian Brown 05:19

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Rōnin II



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With an eclectic gang of conspirators by his side, James Lavelle has pick-pocketed a kaleidoscope of genres and mashed them into an electro crossover of dance, hip-hop and rock to help make UNKLE one of the most innovative and influential acts around.

Music obsessed from an early age, Lavelle was DJ-ing and running local block parties from the age of 15 and started the Mo'Wax record label at just 18-years-old. Musical experiments with school friend Tim Goldsworthy, Money Mark and the Scratch Perverts heralded the first UNKLE EPs, but it was Lavelle's later partnership with DJ Shadow that produced the seminal album 'Psyence Fiction' in 1997. An all-star cast of contributors including Richard Ashcroft, Badly Drawn Boy, Thom Yorke and Mike D of the Beastie Boys propelled the album to number four in the UK with the belated single 'Be There' featuring Ian Brown becoming a small hit. Richard File replaced DJ Shadow for the second album 'Never, Never, Land' in 2003 but, despite guest appearances from Josh Homme, Jarvis Cocker, Grant Nicholas and Ian Astbury, neither that nor following efforts 'War Stories' or 'End Titles. Stories for Films' made the same impact.

'Where Did the Night Fall' was released in 2010, with another all-star collaborations list including Nick Cave, Katrina Ford and Gavin Clark, and in 2014 they recorded the soundtrack to the 'God of Light' game. 'Cowboys Or Indians', the lead single from their sixth album 'The Road: Part 1'.