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The enigmatic French electronic music artist Franck Hueso performs under the name Carpenter Brut and since 2012 has been steadily building his audience amongst electronic music fans. Hueso is reticent regarding details of his background and personal life because he believes these things can be a distraction from the music. As a consequence he has built up an almost underground following for his music with a fiercely loyal fan base known as Carpenterists who the artist keeps in touch with via social media.

Hueso's compositions are classic electronic synth creations featuring 1980s style analogue synth sounds. Traces of Kraftwerk, Jean Michel Jarre and even Bronski Beat can be heard within the mix, along with modern samples and influences of hip-hop, pop and metal. To date Hueso has performed live in the US and across Europe and released two albums: 'Trilogy', a compilation of three previously released EPs and a live set titled 'CARPENTERBRUTLIVE (2017)'. His music is frequently chosen for soundtracks for video games.

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