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EISBRECHER LIEBE MACHT MONSTER (VÖ: 12/3/2021) Pre-Order Now: More than once in the past few months, one could have gotten the impression that the world was standing still. But it’s turning; for some it may feel slower than expected, for others, it’s at the usual pace. However, for Eisbrecher , the earth is moving faster as ever before: In October 2020, the cover-album Schicksalsmelodien was released and immediately reached #4 on the album charts. And while the last tone of this truly remarkable disc has not completely faded away yet, the new regular - and altogether eighth - studio album Liebe Macht Monster will already be released on March 12, 2021. With more than one dozen new Eisbrecher anthems, the upcoming album offers many fascinating, multifaceted and exceedingly powerful songs, which reconfirm the band’s glamorous reputation as an innovative and trend-setting group. Singer Alex Wesselsky describes the songs as “eternal Eisbrecher -typical balancing act between rock/metal and electro-industrial pop”. There is no doubt: With Liebe Macht Monster , Eisbrecher once again prove themselves as an extraordinary phenomenon in the German music industry. Three and a half years after their #1 album Sturmfahrt (2017), Alex Wesselsky and guitarist & producer/programmer Noel Pix worked meticulously on their unique sound and put every little detail to test to present fans with a thrilling and eclectic album. And while many an established act has fallen into lethargy during these current and difficult times, the duo has unleashed an avalanche of creativity. “The first important step was to reset everything”, Noel Pix explains. “In order to not get stuck in our own continuous, artistic loop in terms of production, you might need to get rid of tried and tested. That’s why all of our carefully collected sounds from the past years ended up in the trash. Occasionally it has been a painful process, nevertheless, it paid off audibly. It’s best to write on a blank piece of paper.” Wesselsky adds: “We just started, moved on quickly and we didn’t stop until we were completely finished. Our motto: Go with the flow”, he explains, as he looks back on the beginning of this phase which couldn’t have been more natural. “For us, it’s always been true that only when we are blown away then others may be amazed by it as well! And so we simply started… bam! The first steps: cigarette lit, brain activated, computer turned on, phone on, door open, cigarette lit, cigarette extinguished, mic turned on… next song!” After all the push and pull, the complicated dance of metal and pop, Eisbrecher can be proud of their 14 brand-new songs. On the one hand, these songs truly show the proven strengths of Eisbrecher , on the other hand, they document the stylistic range and great artistic potential of the band. Liebe Macht Monster affirms that Alex Wesselsky and Noel Pix successfully worked on musical parameters and repositioned themselves without losing their unparalleled basic direction. A small piece of art that required a fair amount of courage and a clear vision. Noel Pix: “With Liebe Macht Monster, we distinctly push the limits of German-speaking heavy rock. We wanted a fresh coat of paint to give Eisbrecher a new look.” Wesselsky joins in: “In the past, Eisbrecher was exclusively found in the gothic/wave-scene, but nowadays we are mostly doing hard rock/metal. Both worlds are dear to us, which is why our band will always remain a hybrid. From the start, we have been crossover; and where others now mostly use cowbells we rely on strong guitar sounds!” Their music ranges from typically powerful Eisbrecher tracks (“Nein Danke”, “Es lohnt sich nicht ein Mensch zu sein”) to exciting new influences (“Systemsprenger”, “Wer ich bin”, “Leiserdrehen”). Wesselsky: “ Eisbrecher have never sounded as diverse as on this new disc!” This time, the typical Eisbrecher border crossers are “Kontrollverlust” and “Dagegen”, the latter being a spectacular collaboration with Oomph! -frontman Dero. “Hurrah, finally a duet! We can cross that from our to-do-list”, Wesselsky cheers. The first single release from Liebe Macht Monster , provokingly called “FAKK”, will be available on January 15, 2021, including a video worth seeing. With “Im Guten Im Bösen”, a second single as well as a second video will be put out before the release of the album: “The song tells the story of good and bad in all of us, meaning: Vader vs Skywalker, mind vs heart, Maja vs Thekla, light vs dark, hobbit vs Mordor, Alex vs Alex, Markus vs Söder, etc. A classic, incredibly danceable EB-rock-pop-song with the famous ‘one against all and oneself’-metaphor. It’s cinematic!” “Cinematic” - that motto also perfectly captures past Eisbrecher success stories. Since their founding in 2003, Alex Wesselsky, Noel Pix and their band members have released seven studio albums, one cover album, one live disc, one live DVD and two best-of compilations. With Die Hölle muss warten (2012), Schock (2015), Sturmfahrt (2017) and Schicksalsmelodien (2020), the band has been in the top 4 album charts ( Sturmfahrt even ranked #1!) four times. The logical consequence: In 2018, Eisbrecher was nominated for an Echo and for the Metal Hammer Award in the category ‘Best Rock Band National’. In addition, the band - including reinforcement by Jürgen Plangger (guitar), Rupert Keplinger (bass) and Achim Färber (drums) - had some truly triumphal processions throughout Germany. The Sturmfahrt tour in September/October 2017 advanced to the most successful concert tour in the bands’ history so far, with packed - and partly sold-out - concert halls, from south to north, from east to west. Not to mention the special guest appearances with the Scorpions and Alice Cooper as well as festivals like Wacken (D), Summer Breeze (D), RockHarz (D), Mera Luna (D), With Full Force (D), Bospop (NL) or Werner Rennen (D). For the band, 2021 will be similarly humming with activity: Provided the pandemic allows it, Eisbrecher will be starting their European tour after the release of Liebe Macht Monster as well as participate in some festivals in the summer - many of these festivals already booked the band as headliner - and set off on their great German tour in November 2021. So it’s not surprising that all signs are currently pointing towards a monstrous, yet loving storm in this band: After Schicksalsmelodien was released in October 2020 and showed a somewhat different side of Eisbrecher , Wesselsky now characterises Liebe Macht Monster as “the hardest, most brutal, most experimental and traditionally non-traditional Eisbrecher album in our history.” According to singer Alex, the album title also speaks an unambiguous language: “ Liebe Macht Monster , three mighty words! Exclamation mark! Question mark? Is everything that arises from love a potential problem? Do we have to prohibit love? 1138? Orwell?” However this question will be answered in the future: It doesn’t change anything about the fascinating development of the band. Noel Pix: “The combination of electronic elements with hard guitar sounds is still the core of Eisbrecher . What is new, though, is the way we mix everything. We don’t chase every new trend but we like to be affected by the zeitgeist to sound fresh and modern.” With Liebe Macht Monster Eisbrecher fully live up to these expectations! TRACKLIST Es lohnt sich nicht ein Mensch zu sein * FAKK * Nein Danke * Im Guten Im Bösen * Frommer Mann * Dagegen feat Dero Goi * Liebe Macht Monster * Systemsprenger * Wer bin ich? * Himmel * Kontrollverlust * Leiserdrehen * High Society * Es lebe der Tod DISCOGRAPHIE EISBRECHER (2004) ANTIKÖRPER (2006) SÜNDE (2008) EISZEIT (2010) EISKALT (Best Of, 2011) DIE HÖLLE MUSS WARTEN (2012) SCHOCK (2015) SCHOCK LIVE (CD + DVD, 2015) STURMFAHRT (2017) EWIGES EIS – 15 JAHRE EISBRECHER (Best Of, 2018) MERA LUNA FESTIVAL 2018 (Live, 2020) SCHICKSALSMELODIEN (2020) LIEBE MACHT MONSTER (VÖ: 12/3/2021) SOCIAL MEDIA: