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Pupila ANAVITÓRIA, Vitor Kley 03:22
Tudo Me Lembra Você Vitor Kley 02:56
Morena Vitor Kley, Bruno Martini 02:43
O Sol Vitor Kley 03:29
INTENSAMENTE Di Ferrero, Vitor Kley 02:58
Ainda Bem Que Chegou Vitor Kley 03:00
Menina Linda Vitor Kley 03:00
Adrenalizou Vitor Kley 02:57
O Amor é o Segredo Vitor Kley 03:03
O Amor Machuca Demais Vitor Kley 03:08

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Vitor Kley was early to music, writing his first song at the age of ten. His first album, 'Eclipse Solar', was released independently when he was 13 with the support of his godfather, the singer-songwriter Armandinho. His godfather also produced his second long-player released three years later and called 'Light to Shine'. He signed a recording deal with Sony Music affiliate Midas Music in 2015. This resulted in the 'Vitor Kley' EP, which included the singles 'Two Loves' and 'Lighthouse'. Three years later Kley released his best known single to date, 'O Sol', which achieved a lot of local airplay as well as attention via streaming services both in Brazil and more widely. Kley's first album on the Midas label was released in 2018 and featured a collaboration with Brazilian compatriot Kell Smith. 2019 saw the release of the single 'Adrenalized' taken from the 2018 album of the same name.