Alternative Attack

Bei dieser Playlist kommen alle Rock und Alternative Fans voll auf ihre Kosten! Einfach abrocken! Cover: While She Sleeps

Playlist Tracks

.georgia. Dead Poet Society 03:22
Modern Guy Death From Above 1979 03:29
Whispers The Vintage Caravan 03:44
Dinner Unprocessed 04:28
CHOKE The Warning 03:51
Bystander Sumo Cyco 04:05
The Violence Rise Against 03:48
emo girl


Machine Gun Kelly, WILLOW 02:39
Portrait Unprocessed 04:03
Party At The Cemetery POORSTACY 02:06
Above It All Saint Asonia 03:19
The Devil You Know Stone Broken 03:28
Barbed Wire Body Movements 03:28
Temple Of Ekur Volbeat 04:19
Step Mum Lauran Hibberd 02:08
Roadkill Starcrawler 02:22
Fatherless Frank Turner 02:40
Twenties Ghost 03:46
Drag Me Through Hell Shining 03:26
Evergreen Mt. Joy 02:51
Free (feat. Vervain St. Project) Lena Scissorhands, Vervain St. Project 04:20
Nighthawk Windwaker 03:54
Inside My Head Until I Wake 03:56
All Hands Protest The Hero 04:40
Black Confetti DREAMERS 02:53
A Beautiful Life Dorothy 03:35
Saturation (Strange Love) Grey Daze 03:55
EYE TO EYE While She Sleeps 03:53
Hush VRSTY 03:37
Black Sunrise Stone Broken 03:23