Epic Metal

Beer! Fire! Sausages! Heavy metal!

Playlist Tracks

Wildest Dreams (DragonForce's Version) DragonForce 02:50
The Catalyst Amaranthe 03:40
If Looks Could Kill (2024 Version Rerecorded) Primal Fear 04:07
Chains Firewind 04:54
The Serpent and the King Judas Priest 04:19
Raising Hell


Iron Savior 04:52
Axes Tyr 03:32
Mighty Wings Gloryhammer 04:00
The Devil Will I Do


Hammer King 04:14
Into The Light Myrath 04:55
Bark At The Moon Powerwolf 04:19
Afterglow of Ragnarok Bruce Dickinson 05:45
Generation Warriors Angra 05:08
´╗┐´╗┐Cyberdome Metalite 04:45
Emerald Dragon One Morning Left, Jake Luhrs 03:57
Reaper's Call Lutharo 04:00
Fire And Steel Saxon 03:37
Fire in the Sky Doro 03:26
Thy Kingdom Will Come Sorcerer 05:02
Dark Parade Cirith Ungol 05:51
Sons Of The Sentinel KK's Priest 04:11
Hallows DURBIN, James Durbin 03:39
Herald of Darkness Old Gods of Asgard, Alan Wake, Mr. Door 13:34
Hammers High Frostbite Orckings 04:19
Hanged Man's Revenge Spirit Adrift 04:49
Legends Never Die All For Metal 04:15
First In Line Sonata Arctica 05:22
The Trooper Esprit D'Air, Tim "Ripper" Owens, Ben Christo 04:11
Gekokujo RYUJIN 04:47
Doomsday Party DragonForce 05:15