Nordic Metal

All the best metal bands from Finland, Norway and Sweden.

Playlist Tracks

Muuntautuja Oranssi Pazuzu 04:30
Perfume Of The Timeless Nightwish 08:11
The Unforgiven II Apocalyptica 04:05
Hertan Wardruna 06:13
Torkils Døtur Tyr 05:44
To the Gallows In Vain 06:37
Unforgivable Dark Tranquillity 03:44
My Prison Crownshift 04:48
Falling From The Sun Evergrey 04:15
Exiled Horndal 04:22
The Dawns In Nothingness (feat. Mikko Kotamäki) Octoploid, Mikko Kotamäki 05:45
Tonight Gothminister 03:04
L'appel du Vide Imminence 03:57
Jarðartrá Eivør 04:47
Dragons Never Die Tyr 03:01
Nordic Anthem Borknagar 05:14
Become One In Flames 03:28
The Last Imagination Dark Tranquillity 03:47
Left on Mars Marko Hietala, Tarja Turunen 05:01
Chaos Sequence Before The Dawn 03:25
Ro Wormwood 10:11
Shadows Flap their Black Wings In Vain 07:12
Congelia Enslaved 08:01
Lit De Parade The Vice 06:33
Unbesiegbar Asenblut 04:03
Haluamanilainen Mokoma 04:17
Stained in Red Insomnium 06:50
Fall of Arkona Vanir 04:56
Oraakkelit Korpiklaani 03:12

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