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Hoşçakal Emre Aydın 03:46
Beni Vurup Yerde Bırakma Emre Aydın 04:44
Bir Pazar Kahvaltısı Emre Aydın, Model 04:17
Soğuk Odalar Emre Aydın 03:37
Yansın Çağan Şengül, Emre Aydın 04:03
Sen Beni Unutamazsın Emre Aydın 04:00
Hercai Emre Aydın 04:08
Belki Bir Gün Özlersin Emre Aydın 04:37
Ses Ver Emre Aydın 04:34
Kör Kuyu Emre Aydın 03:54

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Turkish singer-songwriter Emre Aydın was born on February 2, 1981, in the city of Isparta. The son of two pharmacists, he spent most of his childhood in Antalya, where he mastered the saz before picking up the guitar in his teenage years. While studying economics at Dokuz Eylül University in İzmir, he and his friend Onur Ela participated in the music show Sing Your Song, eventually winning the competition and landing a deal with Universal Music in 2002. Under the name 6. Cadde, the duo recorded a highly successful eponymous album before splitting up in 2003. Plagued by financial struggles and increasing personal problems, Emre Aydın took to songwriting and finally made his debut as a solo artist with the 2006 LP Afili Yalnızlık. Thanks to chart-topping singles like the title track, "Kim Dokunduysa Sana Ona Git," and "Belki Bir Gün Özlersin," the album sold over 120,000 copies and helped him win the Best Newcomer category at the Powertürk Music Awards. Released in 2010, his sophomore effort Kağıt Evler fared just as well, yielding the Number 1 hit singles "Bu Yağmurlar" and "Hoşçakal." Over the next few years, Emre Aydın continued to deliver hit after hit, staying atop the Turkish rock charts with singles such as "Soğuk Odalar," "Beni Biraz Böyle Hatırla," or "Eyvah," the latter of which was included in his 2013 third full-length Eylül Geldi Sonra. In 2019, he revived the 6. Cadde moniker for the album Uyut Beni, the group's first release in almost 16 years.