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4eva Shygirl, Empress Of, KINGDOM 03:19
f@k€ Shygirl, KINGDOM 02:46
f@k€ Shygirl, KINGDOM 01:47
4eva Shygirl, Empress Of, KINGDOM 02:20
Magical KINGDOM 03:41
Ascension KINGDOM 03:44
The Song of Dann (Promise) KINGDOM 03:28
Long Live The King KINGDOM 03:49
Excalibur KINGDOM 04:13

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von Shygirl, KINGDOM


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Kingdom is a South Korean boy band that was established by GF Entertainment in 2021. The group made their debut with seven members; Dann, Arthur, Mujin, Louis, Ivan, Jahan, and Chiwoo on February 18, 2021, with the release of their EP History of Kingdom: Part I. Arthur, which scraped into the charts at number 46, featuring lead single, "Excalibur." History of Kingdom: Part II. Chiwoo, appeared in July, performing significantly better, reaching number 15 with lead single, "Karma," reaching number 8. Their third EP, History of Kingdom: Part III. Ivan, was launched later in the year, seeing its lead single, "Black Crown," rank at number 7, earning the group the Focus Award at the 2021 Asia Artist Awards. 2022 EP History of Kingdom: Part IV. Dann, and its lead single, "Ascension," continued to place in the top 10, but despite this success, Chiwoo made the decision to leave the group and was replaced by new member Hwon, who made his debut on the single "Long Live the King," from October EP History of Kingdom: Part V. Louis. In 2023, the group returned with History of Kingdom: Part VI. Mujin and History of Kingdom: Part VII. Jahan, both landing at number 7 on the charts, seeing the group honoured with the Cultural Grand Prize at the Korea Contribution Awards, later in the year.