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Late At Night Maywood 03:18
Rio Maywood 03:24
Mano Maywood 03:42
Give Me Back My Love Maywood 04:02
Late At Night Maywood 03:33
Losing You Maywood 04:54
Give Me Back My Love Maywood 03:55
Rio Maywood 03:27
Gospel Medley Maywood 08:28
Mutter Maywood 02:39

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Maywood was a Dutch Europop duo from Uitwellingerga in the province of Friesland. The group was formed in 1979 by sisters Aaltje and Doetje de Vries, who previously played in the groups Ladypops, Karina’s, and Colt 45. Inspired by ABBA and Dutch pop groups Pussycat and Teach-In, they adopted the stage names Alice May and Caren Wood and made their official debut in 1979 with the single “You Treated Me Wrong.” A year later, they reached the top of the Dutch charts with the single “Late at Night,” included in their 1980 eponymous studio debut. Maywood followed up with the Top 5 singles “Give Me Back My Love” (1980) and “Rio” (1981), featured in their second album Different Worlds. In 1982, they capitalized on their popularity in Latin America with a Spanish-language album titled Cantado en Español and released third album Color My Rainbow, which contained the hits “Getaway” and “Star.” In 1990, they were selected to represent the Netherlands at the 35th Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Ik wil alles met je delen,” finishing in 15th place. Maywood disbanded in 1995 and both sisters went on to pursue solo careers without much success. After a dispute for the legal rights of the band’s name in 1999, Alice May revived the Maywood moniker in 2006 with the help of singer Rose Louwers.