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Everything Destroys You Deathstars 03:55
Midnight Party Deathstars 03:44
This Is Deathstars 03:41
Blitzkrieg Deathstars 04:02
Night Electric Night Deathstars 04:04
Anti All Deathstars 04:05
Cyanide Deathstars 03:52
Between Volumes and Voids Deathstars 03:48
Metal Deathstars 03:49
An Atomic Prayer Deathstars 04:40

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Deathstars are a Swedish industrial metal band formed in Strömstad in 2000. Its lineup consists of Andreas Bergh ("Whiplasher Bernadotte") on vocals, Emil Nödtveidt ("Nightmare Industries") on guitar and keyboards, Eric Bäckman ("Cat Casino") on guitar, Jonas Kangur ("Skinny Disco") on bass, and Marcus Johansson ("Nitro") on drums. Deathstars came together when members of the disbanded black metal group Swordmaster, keen to explore a more theatrical, industrial sound, recruited Bergh, a former member of the band Dissection. They quickly grabbed attention with their debut album Synthetic Generation in 2002, which offered a tantalizing mix of aggressive metal riffs and catchy electronic elements. However, it was their second studio album Termination Bliss in 2006 that marked their international breakthrough, featuring anthemic tracks like "Cyanide." The band continued to refine their signature sound in subsequent albums, such as Night Electric Night (2009), and The Perfect Cult (2014). Over the following years, the band continued to tour and record, returning in 2023 with their fifth studio album Everything Destroys You, which peaked at Number 67 on the German Top 100.