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I Know There`s Something Going On Jorn 04:55
Faith Bloody Faith Jorn 03:02
I Walk Alone Jorn 04:28
Walking on Water Jorn 05:43
Hotel California Jorn 06:29
Lonely Nights Jorn 03:48
Needles and Pins Jorn 04:10
Don't Talk to Strangers Jorn 04:55
Perfect Strangers Jorn 06:50
You're the Voice Jorn 05:00

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Lonely Nights
New York Minute
Needles and Pins

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Jorn is the solo project of Jørn Lande, the Norwegian hard rock singer known for his work with Masterplan, Ark, Avantasia, Beyond Twilight, The Snakes, and other bands. He was born in Rjukan on May 31, 1968, and began building a national following with the band Vagabond during the early 1993s. While continuing to work with other acts, he formed Jorn in 2000 as a vehicle for his solo efforts. Jorn's debut, Starfire, was released that year, featuring a mix of cover songs and original material. Worldchanger followed in 2001 and focused exclusively on original songs, as did 2004's Out to Every Nation. Following the release of The Duke in 2006, Jorn cracked the Top 40 in Norway for the first time with 2007's Live in America, which reached Number 28. One year later, the studio album Lonely Are the Brave climbed to Number 28, as well, and Jorn remained in the Top 40 with subsequent albums like Spirit Black (2009), the tribute album Did (2010), Bring Heavy Rock to the Land (2012), Traveller (2013), and the all-covers album Heavy Rock Radio (2016). Jorn's lineup experienced many changes during this period, and Jørn Lande continued to perform with other bands between solo releases. Even so, Jorn remained a staple of the Norwegian rock scene well into the 2020s, with 2022's Over the Horizon Radar marking his first all-original album of the decade.