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Joli bébé Naza, Niska 02:58
Gater le coin Naza 03:20
Loin de moi Naza 02:23
Com'dab DJ Kayz, KeBlack, Naza 03:17
Happy Birthday Naza 03:46
Mignon garçon (feat. Naza, KeBlack & Dry) Dry, KeBlack, Naza, 4Keus 05:14
Baby Lova Naza 03:13
P*Tain de m*Rde Naza 03:17
Faut pardonner Naza 02:56
Bisou Naza, Fally Ipupa 02:44

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A gold-selling French rapper with Congolese roots, Naza was born in Amiens on May 26, 1993, under the name Jean-Désiré Dimitri Sosso Dzabatou. In 2016, he co-wrote KeBlack's "Bazardée," which peaked at Number 7 in France, and began releasing music of his own. "MMM (Mouiller le maillot et mailler)" marked his first hit as a solo artist in 2017, peaking at Number 22 on Belgium's Ultratop chart and pushing his debut album, Incroyable, to gold status in France. His next record, 2018's C'est La Loi, also went gold. Naza continued to collaborate with other artists during the years that followed, appearing on songs like BMYE's Top 10 Belgian hit "La Danse du Matin," KeBlack's chart-topping "Équilibré," and Marwa Loud's Number 8 single "Allez les Gros." He continued releasing solo albums, too, with Bénef appearing in 2019 and Gros Bébé arriving in 2020.