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Trash The Hunna 02:10
She's Casual The Hunna 03:03
Young & Faded The Hunna 02:51
NY to LA The Hunna 03:00
Bad Place The Hunna 02:19
Bonfire The Hunna 02:57
Babe, Can I Call? The Hunna 04:10
Cover You The Hunna, Travis Barker 02:15
Dare The Hunna 03:12
Flickin' Your Hair The Hunna 03:48

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No one ever said international rock stardom was easy, but The Hunna have often made it look that way. Their rise to global success has been meteoric: formed in 2015, their 2016 debut album, ‘100’, went gold and shot into the UK Top 20. The 2018 follow-up, ‘Dare’, climbed even higher, as The Hunna built a golden reputation for crafting instant rock anthems. Live, they’ve always been one of the most exciting bands on the circuit, with an insanely devoted fanbase guaranteed to turn every gig and festival appearance into an unmissable event. 2022 helped The Hunna deliver their greatest and most ambitious album yet. An album that bristles with the pent-up emotions that lingered through that long lockdown. Produced by the legendary Gil Norton, it’s an album to sit comfortably alongside some of the classic records he’s worked on, from Pixies’ ‘Doolittle’ to the Foo Fighters’ ‘The Colour And The Shape’ and Jimmy Eat World’s ‘Futures’. “We’re a real band, we always have been,” Ryan (Vox) stresses. “We write our own songs, from the heart. We’re three best friends who’ve always lived 10 minutes away from each other. We just want to make music, say the things we want to say, have fun and be unapologetically us. If that’s not cool to some people, fair enough, but it’s cool to us.”