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BODIES (feat. Damso) Gazo, Damso 02:46
Δ. Dieu ne ment jamais Damso 03:19
Ε. Signaler Damso 03:21
Θ. Macarena Damso 03:26
RENCONTRE Disiz, Damso 03:18
Σ. MOROSE Damso 04:23
Démons Angèle, Damso 04:11
N. J Respect R Damso 03:37
Feu de bois Damso 03:03
Γ. Mosaïque solitaire Damso 05:05

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Damso and FESTIVAL DE NIMES at Arènes de Nîmes (June 23, 2023)
Nîmes, France

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William Kalubi (May 10, 1992), known professionally as Damso, is a hip-hop performer who was born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and grew up in Belgium. Besides releasing his own material, he has also collaborated with acts such as Booba, Vaid, Banash, Siboy, Kalash, Lacrim and Orelsan. Kalubi began performing in venues in Brussels and was a member of the OPG (Original Player Gangsta) collective before releasing his debut mixtape, Salle d'Attente, in 2014. Out on Universal, his studio debut Batterie Faible (2016) went to Number 2 in Belgium and follow-up albums Ipséité (2017) and Lithopédion (2018) topped the Ultratop charts. That same year he courted controversy after being dropped by the Belgian Football Association for his misogynistic and sexist lyrics. They had initially hired him to submit a song for the FIFA World Cup. His latter two albums went to Number 1 in France, where all of Kalubi’s albums have been certified platinum. Preceded by the chart-topping single “BXL Zoo,” a fourth album entitled QALF – released under his own label TheVie Music – saw the light in 2020 and shot straight to the top of charts in both Belgium and France, quickly obtaining platinum certification.