Cottagecore Soundtrack 🌼🦔🌻

Lay in the grass or by the flower field. Dreamy music, mostly piano, for your tea break, picnic or reading session | Countryside | Cottage Music


The Arts and the Hours Lavinia Meijer, Jean-Philippe Rameau 04:22
Abandon Séverin Favriau 02:52
La force de croire Romain Trouillet 01:26
Cavatina (Arr. for Guitar by John Williams) Pablo Sainz-Villegas 04:02
Les ferrets Guillaume Roussel 04:23
Les filles de l'Apollo Romain Trouillet 02:05
Good Morning Hannes De Maeyer 02:07
Nostalgia Morgan Kibby 01:27
Générique d'Artagnan Guillaume Roussel 03:34
Ahead of Us Akira Kosemura 04:51
AKA Etienne Forget 03:21
Mother Shoots Hannes De Maeyer 01:01
Farewell Thomas Couzinier, Frédéric Kooshmanian 03:49
Le calvaire de Suzette Philippe Rombi 02:29
Song on the Beach Arcade Fire, Owen Pallett 03:35
Dandelion Alban Claudin 03:09
Mystery of Love Thibault Cauvin 03:25
Giverny Remo Anzovino 03:29
One Summer's Day (from "Spirited Away") Jean-Michel Bernard 02:53
Satie Variation (Arr. for Violin & Piano after Gymnopédie No. 1 by Svetoslav Karparov) Esther Abrami, Iyad Sughayer 02:24
Beautiful Utopia Piano Novel 02:55
Avril 14th Olga Scheps 01:42
Thierry Ben Mazué, Guillaume Poncelet 01:29
Le clair de lune Alban Claudin 04:08
Lily of the Valley Eusebius 01:30
Hello Rocks (from Hoa - Original Soundtrack) Johannes Johansson 02:46
Emma: Piano Suite Rachel Portman 03:10
Été 85 JB Dunckel 02:04
guardians Goldbæk 03:05
It's a Long Way to Happiness Alban Claudin 03:22