Indian summer ≠ été 18

playlist de nouveautés indie sous toutes ses formes

  • par François Llorens
  • 46 titres
  • 3 h 16 min

Titres de la playlist

To Sealeigh And Back Project Pablo, Patrick Holland 05:09
Windowsill Ari Roar 01:53
Strid GoGo Penguin 08:10
Gotta Put Me On Elaquent 03:01
Smiling For Me (feat. Karolina) THE MIDNIGHT HOUR, Adrian Younge, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Linear Labs 03:02
Precipice Sydney Valette 03:15
Waltz Escape Gabriel Naïm Amor 03:19
You Don't Need Body/Head 05:26
Take Him In Hilary Woods 04:11
Indian Summer


Eugenius (Captain America) 04:18
Drinking It In Again (Chapter IV) Leon Vynehall 03:46
My Funny Valentine Aquaserge 05:30
None with Other Vinyl Williams 03:11
Half There Tape Waves 03:19
Hey Moon John Maus 04:08
Canto Asoyin Okonkolo 04:46
Shone Balmorhea 03:37
Beneath Fields (Live) Heron Oblivion 07:45
Artists Giant Sand 04:32
Mayfly Pram 04:34
P&B LWW 02:26
The Border Astronauts, Etc. 03:41
FFS Deaf Wish 02:13
Miroroa Damily 02:06
My Friend Ty Segall, WHITE FENCE 03:56
Cold Blood Facteur Sauvage 03:34
Ramírez 19022017a Raül Refree 02:55
Una Paüra Pep Laguarda, Tapineria 07:55
Colosse de Rhodes Cyril Cyril 03:24
Star Ruby Movietone 02:06