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BREAK MY SOUL Beyoncé, Honey Dijon 06:27
Downtown (feat. Annette Bowen & Nikki-O) Honey Dijon, Annette Bowen, Nikki-O 03:55
Free Woman Lady Gaga, Honey Dijon 03:30
Why (feat. Nomi Ruiz) Honey Dijon, Tim K, Nomi Ruiz 05:04
Love Muscle (feat. Nomi Ruiz) Honey Dijon, Tim K, Nomi Ruiz 04:49
Not About You (feat. Hadiya George) Honey Dijon, Hadiya George 03:30
Love Is A State Of Mind (feat. Ramona Renea) Honey Dijon, Ramona Renea 03:13
808 State Of Mind (feat. Shaun J. Wright & Alinka) Honey Dijon, Alinka, Shaun J. Wright 07:00
The Mixologist Sebastian Manuel, Honey Dijon 07:52
The Mixologist Sebastian Manuel, Honey Dijon 08:00

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Transgender DJ, noted fashion expert,
and political activist Honey Dijon (born Honey Redmond) gained her musical
skill by imbedding herself as a teenager in the music scene of her hometown,
Chicago, Illinois. Learning from such notable figures as Greenskeepers and
Derrick Carter, she took her skills to New York City in the late 90s where she
became a fixture in the city’s underground clubs. An immense love of all music
made her able to shift effortlessly to meet different demands—she became
equally adept at spinning and creating house, disco, and techno music. Her debut
album, The Best of Both Worlds, came out in 2017, and she became one of
the most sought-after musical figures in the fashion industry. She scored the
runway shows and after parties for many high-powered designers including Dior,
Louis Vuitton, and Riccardo Tisci. She regularly gave interviews discussing the
issues faced by the trans community and the black community both in the music
industry and in general, often reminding people that underground dance music
came from these subcultures. She scored a charting single in the UK in 2020 with
an extended mix of “Not About You”, featuring Hadiya George.