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The Agonist

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Artist's Top Tracks

Faceless Messenger The Agonist 05:00
Feast on the Living The Agonist 03:22
Born Dead, Buried Alive The Agonist 04:32
Rise and Fall The Agonist 04:02
Panophobia The Agonist 03:54
Remnants in Time The Agonist 04:53
Thank You, Pain The Agonist 03:44
Memento Mori The Agonist 03:09
You're Coming With Me The Agonist 05:35
My Witness, Your Victim The Agonist 04:47

Most popular release

You're Coming With Me
The Escape
Predator and Prayer
Anxious Darwinians

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Female fronted metal band the Agonist formed in 2004 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. During the course of their existence, the band’s music has evolved, displaying elements of progressive meal, deathcore, and melodic death metal. Originally named the Tempest, the group was founded by vocalist Alissa White-Gluz, lead guitarist Danny Marino, bassist Chris Kells, and drummer Derek Nadon. Their debut album, Once Only Imagined – which was originally recorded as a demo – was released in 2007 and proved to be the only release by all original founding members. By the time of their second album, Lullabies for the Dormant Mind (2009), they had recruited drummer Simon McKay, who provided a harder edge to their metal sound. They also added a rhythm guitarist with Paco Jobin being the longest serving member in that position. The band’s growing popularity allowed them to tour Japan, China, Latin America, and all across Europe. The Agonist’s third album, Prisoners (2012), was another successful release but tensions forced vocalist Alissa White-Gluz out of the band. New vocalist Vicky Psarakis made her recorded debut on the 2015 album Eye of Providence, which was followed by Five (2016) and Orphans (2019). Along the way, the Agonist has toured consistently, releasing a series of singles and three EPs including 2021’s Days Before the World Wept.