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Felicità Al Bano & Romina Power 03:12
Sharazan Al Bano & Romina Power 04:21
Ci sarà Al Bano & Romina Power 03:27
Sempre sempre Al Bano & Romina Power 03:56
Tu soltanto tu (Mi hai fatto innamorare) Al Bano & Romina Power 03:40
Felicità Al Bano & Romina Power 03:14
Ci sarà Al Bano & Romina Power 03:27
Canzone blu Al Bano & Romina Power 03:23
Che angelo sei (Amore mio) Al Bano & Romina Power 03:31
Libertà Al Bano & Romina Power 04:24

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Quel poco che ho
Qualche stupido ti amo (Somethin' stupid)
Ci sarà
Nel sole

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Al Bano & Romina Power was a pop music duo consisting of Italian tenor Albano Carrisi and American singer Romina Power, daughter of actor Tyrone Power. After meeting on the set of the film Nel Sole (1967), the pair began a romantic relationship and got married in 1970. That same year, they had a minor hit in Italy with their debut single "Storia di Due Innamorati." In 1976, Al Bano & Romina Power represented Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest with the track "We'll Live It All Again," which finished in seventh place in the competition and reached Number 2 on the French charts upon its release as a single. More success followed in the early 80s with chart-topping hits like "Felicità" (1982) and the Sanremo winner "Ci sarà" (1984), included in the album Effetto Amore. The couple remained a mainstay of the European charts during the early 90s but suffered a severe blow after the mysterious disappearance of their daughter Ylenia in 1994. Following their personal and artistic breakup in 1999, Al Bano & Romina Power reunited in 2013 for a live performance in Moscow. In 2015, they competed for a fifth time at the Sanremo Music Festival.