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Die weißen Tauben sind müde Hans Hartz 04:11
Einer ist mehr als genug Hans Hartz 05:05
Die Weißen Tauben Sind Müde Hans Hartz 04:15
Sail Away Hans Hartz 03:35
Nur Steine leben lang Hans Hartz 03:58
Musik aus der Ferne... Dacapos im Wind Hans Hartz 03:26
Katamaran Hans Hartz 05:09
Sail Away Hans Hartz 03:28
Hinterm Ozean liegt ein neues Land Hans Hartz 03:13
Sail Away : Sail Away Hans Hartz 04:23

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Hans Hartz was a singer and songwriter born in Germany in 1943. At 13-years-old he was playing in a band called The Avalons at the Star Club on Hamburg's notorious Reeperbahn across the road from The Beatles residency at the Kaiserkeller. He continued to play in various bands across Germany and Austria before going solo and finding limited success. Then in 1982 he released 'Die weißen Tauben sind müde' ('The White Doves are Tired') which nudged the German top ten at number eleven. He followed this in 1991 with the million-selling 'Sail Away', which was also picked up by Becks to advertise its beer - a deal he lost out to Joe Cocker (who has a similarly rough vocal style). He continued to write and record until his death from lung cancer in 2002.