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The Icelandic techno duo Kiasmos
came together when Janus Rasmussen’s band Bloodgroup started working with
engineer Ólafur
Arnalds. Rasmussen was a veteran of several bands, including Byrta, while Arnalds possessed a command of several musical instruments and a knack for music
production. The duo hit it off and the two began creating music together in
2009 on a single they co-released with Rival Consoles, another electronic act
that were Kiasmos’s labelmates at Erased Tapes. Their combination of real
instruments played along with constructed loops, all set to often hard
percussion rhythms began to find an audience. They issued their debut EP, Thrown,
in 2012, and their self-titled debut album in 2014. They continued to release Eps
throughout the decade including 2015’s Looped, 2016’s Swept, and
2017’s Blurred.