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Absolutely (Story of a Girl) Nine Days 03:09
If I Am Nine Days 03:58
If I Am Nine Days 04:18
This Music Nine Days 04:35
Just As Through With You Nine Days 03:53
257 Weeks Nine Days 04:04
Absolutely (Story of a Girl) Nine Days 03:10
Wanna Be Nine Days 06:03
Back To Me Nine Days 04:01
Revolve Nine Days 03:54

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American alternative rock band Nine Days is the brainchild of guitarists John Hampson and Brian Desveaux who created the group in Long Island, New York in 1994. The band cite Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan and Neil Young as their primary influences and Nine Days' early material reflects some of these artists' styles.

They released their debut album in 1995, the first of three independently released albums until in 1999 when they secured a major label deal with Sony 550 Music. The debut album for the label was 'The Madding Crowd' released in 2000 and to date has been the band's most successful recording, selling over half a million copies in the US. The album's lead single 'Absolutely (Story of a Girl)' became one of the radio hits of the new millennium topping the Billboard Hot 100 and making it into the Top Ten in New Zealand and Canada. 'The Madding Crowd' has thus far been the pinnacle of the band's recording career with none of their subsequent releases have achieving the same level of success. Their most recent album has been 'Snapshots' which came out in 2016.