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Ghost Of The Sun Katatonia 04:07
My Twin Katatonia 03:41
Birds Katatonia 04:08
Atrium Katatonia 04:08
Deliberation Katatonia 03:59
Austerity Katatonia 03:41
The Winter of Our Passing Katatonia 03:18
Opaline Katatonia 05:00
Ambitions Katatonia 05:06
Ghost of the Sun Katatonia 04:07

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The Swedish multi-instrumentalists Jonas Renkse and Anders Nyström formed Katatonia in 2001. A Scandinavian heavy metal band from Stockholm, Sweden, Katatonia initially existed as a studio project for its two co-founders, who released the debut EP Jhva Elohim Meth... The Revival as a duo in 1992. Bassist Guillaume Le Huche joined the group in time for Katatonia's debut album, Dance of December Souls. Guitarist Fredrik Norrman and vocalist Mikael Åkerfeldt were the next additions to the band's lineup, as showcased on the 1996 album Brave Murder Day. Over the course of albums like Discouraged Ones (1998), Tonight's Decision (1999), and Last Fair Deal Gone Down (2001), Katatonia continued to refine both its lineup and sound. By the time Viva Emptiness arrived in 2003, the band had built an audience in Finland, where the album reached Number 17 on the Finnish Albums Chart. 2009's Night Is the New Day was the band's first release to reach the Top 40 in Sweden, as well as its first second release to reach the Top 10 in Finland. Three years later, Dead End Kings became an international hit, reaching Number 12 in Sweden, Number 4 in Finland, and the Top 40 in Austria, Germany, and Norway. The album's follow-up, The Fall of Hearts, enjoyed similar popularity in 2016. After a short hiatus, Katatonia released 2020's City Burials, which cracked the Top 10 in Poland, Finland, Germany, Hungary, and Portugal. Three years later album, Sky Void of Stars was released in 2023.