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Slam Onyx 03:36
Slam Harder Onyx 04:38
Shut 'Em Down Onyx, DMX 03:58
Raze It Up Onyx 04:00
Judgment Night Biohazard, Onyx 04:34
Whut Whut Onyx & Snowgoons, Onyx, Snowgoons 02:50
Atak Of Da Bal-Hedz Onyx 03:13
Shut 'Em Down Onyx, DMX 04:00
Last Dayz Onyx 03:44
Throw Ya Gunz Onyx 03:16

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Onyx is a hip-hop group from Queens, New York. They are known for their aggressive, confrontational style of rap, pioneering the subgenre that is now known as “hardcore hip-hop.” Through their song “Slam,” they were also the first to introduce slam dancing into hip-hop concerts. Onyx started in 1988 when schoolmates Fred Lee Scruggs (known as Fredro Starr), Tyrone Taylor (known as Sonny Seeza), and Mario Fletcher (known as Big DS) decided to form a group, recording demos in a basement and eventually releasing their first single through Profile Records. In 1991, the band signed to the label Jam Master Jay Records and added new member Kirk Jones (known as Sticky Fingaz). Onyx released their debut album Bacdafucup in 1993 and it was massively successful, with the single “Slam” reaching Number 4 on the Billboard Hot 100. In 1995, Onyx released their second album All We Got Iz Us, containing the hit “Last Dayz” (later used in the film 8 Mile). The group continued releasing albums throughout the following decades, such as 2001’s Bacdafucup Part II, 2014’s Wakedafucup, and 2019’s SnowMads. In 2021, Onyx released their ninth studio album, titled Onyx 4 Life, featuring beats by Chilean beatmaking duo Crack Brodas.