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Raise Your Fists Primal Fear 03:52
Vote Of No Confidence Primal Fear 06:05
Predator Primal Fear 04:01
Six Times Dead Primal Fear 04:00
Unbreakable Primal Fear 06:05
I Am Alive Primal Fear 04:34
The End Is Near Primal Fear 04:28
If Looks Could Kill Primal Fear 04:06
When Death Comes Knocking Primal Fear 06:58
Angels of Mercy Primal Fear 03:35

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One of the most popular German power
metal bands of the 21st century, Esslington, Germany’s Primal Fear
formed in 1997 when lead singer Ralf Scheepers teamed with bassist Mat Sinner.
Though the band would undergo numerous line-up changes over the years, those
two would remain consistent. Veterans of the metal scene before forming the
group, Scheepers supposedly was on the shortlist to replace Rob Halford in
Judas Priest, the band established their heavy metal authenticity with their
1998 debut LP Primal Fear. Their melodic songs and heavy riffs indicated
their debt to Judas Priest as well as other British metal acts such as Iron
Maiden. They continued the formula for 1999’s Jaws of Death. They
finally played in America while touring behind their third album, 2001's Nuclear
. Their establishment in the metal pantheon was cemented when they
toured with Rob Halford and other acts on the 2003 Metal Gods tour. After 2005’s
Seven Seals, the band switched record labels. That move, and the groups tireless
touring schedule, helped make their 9th album, 2012’s Unbreakable,
a multi-national success charting throughout Europe as well as in Japan and the
United States. In 2021, nearly a quarter century after their founding, the band
hit the singles charts again with “I Will Be Gone” from their Metal