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Dance with Me Orleans 03:20
Time Passes On Orleans 03:35
Dance with Me Orleans 03:00
Still the One Orleans 03:54
Still the One Orleans 04:15
Love Takes Time Orleans 04:08
Love Takes Time Orleans 04:21
Give One Heart Orleans 04:03
Fresh Wind Orleans 03:21
Dance With Me Orleans 03:36

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Orleans are an American pop rock band with a current lineup of singer-guitarists Dennis (Fly) Amero and Chip Martin, singer-bassist Lance Hoppen, singer-keyboard player Lane Hoppen and drummer Brady Spencer. They formed in Woodstock, New York in 1972 with Lance Hoppen; singer-guitarist John Hall, who left and returned several times with a stint in the U.S. Congress; singer-guitarist and keyboard player Larry Hoppen, who died aged 61 in 2012 and percussionist Wells Kelly, who died aged 55 in 1984. Other players on and off have included keyboard player Bob Leinbach and drummer Charlie Morgan.

They released an eponymous studio album in 1973 followed by 'Orleans II' in 1974. 'Let There Be Music' (1975) went to number 33 on the Billboard 200 and the track 'Dance With Me' reached number six on Billboard's Hot 100. 'Waking & Dreaming' (1976) peaked at number 30 on the Billboard 200 and the track 'Still the One' went to number 33 on the Hot 100 while the track 'Reach' hit number 47. 'Forever' (1979) peaked at number 76 on the Billboard 200 and the track 'Love Takes Time' went to number 13 on the Hot 100 while the title track reached number 24.

Other studio releases include 'One of a Kind' (1982), 'Grown Up Children' (1986), 'Analog Men' (1994), 'Ride' (1996), 'Dancin' in the Moonlight' (2005) and 'Obscurities' (2008). Concert albums include 'Still the One, Live' (2002) and 'We're Still Havin' Fun' (2007) with compilations such as 'Dance With Me - The Best of Orleans' (1997) and 'Playlist - The Very Best of Orleans' (2017). Their 2020 schedule was to include appearances at venues across America and in Canada at the River Cree Resort & Casino in Alberta.