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Hiç Yok Goksel 04:08
Yalnız Kuş Goksel 04:01
Günün Birinde Goksel 03:58
Acıyor Goksel 03:29
Bi Seni Konuşurum Goksel 03:50
Uzaktan Goksel 03:39
Depresyondayım Goksel 04:04
Bu da Geçecek Goksel 03:25
Baksana Talihe Goksel 03:45
Kıskanıyorum Goksel 03:57

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Turkish singer-songwriter Göksel Demirpençe (known as Göksel) was born in Istanbul, Turkey on November 25, 1971. After singing in various orchestras throughout the country, she gained experience in the contemporary music industry as a backing vocalist for well-known vocalists Sezen Aksu and Sertab Erener. Releasing her first solo album, Yollar (Roads) in 1997, her career began to gain momentum with debut single "Sabır" (Patience). Signing to Sony Music, Göksel released her second album Körebe (Blind Man's Bluff), in October 2001, followed by Söz Ver (Promise) and Arka Bahçem (My Backyard) in 2003 and 2005 respectively. However it was 2007 album Ay'da Yürüdüm (I Walked on the Moon) that saw her break into the upper echelons of the Turkish charts with with lead single "Yarabbi Şükür" charting at number 3. Her cover albums Mektubumu Buldun mu? (Did you find my letter?) and "Hayat Rüya Gibi" (Life is like a dream) followed in 2009 and 2010, attracting only moderate attention, with the singer returning two years later with two successful albums Bende Bi' Aşk Var (2012) and Sen Orda Yoksun (2015) which produced several five top 5 singles including hits "Uzaktan”, "Yalnız Kuş" and "Denize Bıraksam". It was in 2019 however that Göksel broke through to the coveted number 1 position with non-album singles "Bu da Geçecek" and "Hiç Yok". In 2022, the singer’s December single “Sen Varsin” received over 600,000 views within its first week of release.