Classic metal

Las bandas que marcaron el camino sagrado del metal.

Playlist Tracks

Highway Star Deep Purple 06:07
Master Of Puppets (Remastered) Metallica 08:35
Paranoid Black Sabbath 02:48
If You Want Blood (You've Got It) AC/DC 04:32
Run to the Hills (1998 Remaster) Iron Maiden 03:53
Symphony Of Destruction (Remastered 2012) Megadeth 04:03
Cowboys from Hell


Pantera 04:03
Raining Blood Slayer 04:14
Madhouse Anthrax 04:19
Painkiller Judas Priest 06:05
Thunder Kiss '65 White Zombie 03:54
Roots Bloody Roots (2017 Remaster) Sepultura 03:32
Rainbow In The Dark Dio 04:13
I Don't Wanna Stop Ozzy Osbourne 03:59
Ace Of Spades Motörhead 02:46
Practice What You Preach Testament 04:57
I Want Out Helloween 04:40
Wheels Of Steel Saxon 05:54
Kings of Metal Manowar 03:43
Balls to the Wall Accept 05:42
Mirror Mirror (Remastered 2007) Blind Guardian 05:06
I Stand Alone (From "The Scorpion King" Soundtrack) Godsmack 04:03
Sorry Stryper 03:55
Down with the Sickness


Disturbed 04:39
Am I Evil Diamond Head 07:20
Coma Overkill 05:22
Can I Play with Madness (2015 Remaster) Iron Maiden 03:31
Living After Midnight Judas Priest 03:30
Rock You Like a Hurricane (2011) Scorpions 04:14
Ride The Lightning (Remastered) Metallica 06:36