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Books From Boxes Maxïmo Park 03:29
Apply Some Pressure Maxïmo Park 03:20
Limassol Maxïmo Park 03:44
Kiss You Better Maxïmo Park 02:05
Our Velocity Maxïmo Park 03:20
Leave This Island Maxïmo Park 04:01
Versions Of You Maxïmo Park 04:37
Great Art Maxïmo Park 03:01
Baby, Sleep Maxïmo Park 03:13
Girls Who Play Guitar Maxïmo Park 03:12

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The British post-punk, electronic-inflected,
indie-rock band Maxïmo Park was founded by drummer Tom English, guitarist Duncan
Lloyd, bass player Archis Tiku, and keyboardist Lukas Wooller in Newcastle in
2001. They brought aboard lead singer Paul Smith a couple of years later. Tiku exited the band before their debut single in 2004. Their debut LP, 2005’s A
Certain Trigger
was nominated for a Mercury Prize and contained 4 top 20
songs including “Graffiti” and “Gone Missing”. They became one of
the most respected post-punk revival band of their era with the continued success of albums
like 2007’s Our Earthly Pleasures, a Number 2 LP that brought them their
first top 10 single, “Our Velocity”. 2009’s Quicken the Heart
returned them to the top 10 on the album chart, and the single “The Kids Are
Sick Again”
became their ninth top 5 UK Indie chart hit, and reached Number
2 on the Scottish pop charts. The band never shied away from emotional,
personal material, an unusual stance for post-punk bands, but they also
expressed their strong political attitudes, something that was accentuated on
2012’s hard-driving The National Health. They experimented with their
sound for 2014’s Too Much Information, and were rewarded with their
fifth consecutive top 15 album. After 2017’s Risk to Exist, Lukas Wooller
left the band. Maxïmo Park returned as a trio in 2021 with Nature Always