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Funk #49 James Gang 03:57
Ashes The Rain And I James Gang 04:58
Walk Away James Gang 03:34
Standing in the Rain James Gang 05:07
Had Enough James Gang 03:01
Must Be Love James Gang 03:53
Woman James Gang 04:35
Everybody Needs A Hero James Gang 06:07
Cruisin' Down the Highway James Gang 03:15
Funk #49 James Gang 03:53

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The classic rock band James Gang started to take shape in Cleveland, Ohio in 1966 when drummer Jim Fox, keyboardist Phil Giallombardo, bass player Tom Kriss, and guitarist Ronnie Silverman began playing together inspired by the British Invasion. Within a couple of years only Fox and Kriss remained, and they brought on guitarist Joe Walsh. With Walsh’s skill, their sound shifted into the popular British blues rock of the time and they became a power trio like The Jimi Hendrix Experience and Cream. After opening for a number of high-profile acts like The Who, they released their 1969 debut LP, Yer’ Album, which showcased Walsh’s skills. Dale Peters replaced Kriss on bass for their 1970 follow-up, Rides Again. The album found the band expanding their sound with keyboards as well as hints of country, and resulted in a number 20 chart position, as well as an almost hit single, “Funk #49”, that managed to get to number 59 on the pop chart. 1971’s Thirds was another top 30 LP, and gave the band their biggest single, the Joe Walsh written “Walk Away”, which climbed to number 51. Tensions between Walsh and the other two led to Walsh leaving the band after the album and launching a solo career that would eventually lead to him joining Eagles. Peters and Fox soldiered on with various new members, releasing six more albums through 1977, and scoring another almost hit in 1973 with “Must Be Love”, before ending the band’s recording career. Over the years, various members, including Walsh, would reconvene to play live dates.