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Am Fenster City 06:34
Am Fenster City 03:56
Am Fenster City 07:22
Flieg ich durch die Welt City 04:15
Casablanca City 04:29
Am Fenster City 03:40
Am Fenster City 06:57
Am Fenster City 17:24
Medley: Über sieben Brücken / Wenn ein Mensch lebt / Am Fenster Puhdys, City, Karat 04:22
Glastraum City 05:02

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Die Hymne (Come Together)
Tanz mit mir
Wir haben Wind gesät
Die Sonne geht auf

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Für jede Stimmung


The German rock band City first
came together on the soviet side of the Iron Curtain in 1972. Guitarist Fritz
Puppel and drummer Klaus Selmke started woodshedding like many other bands
playing the rock songs of the day, and the rest of the band rotated before
coalescing with the addition of singer Toni Krahl and bass player Georgi Gogow.
It was, surprisingly, Gogow’s ability on the violin that led to their signature
recording, “Am Fenster”. A folk song that sounded little like the
straight ahead rock the band played, a four minute version of the song was
recorded in the mid-1970s, but would not be released as a single until 1978
where it would become one of the few German pop songs of the era to have great
success in both East and West Germany. Their 1978 debut album, First,
contained an expanded, 17-minute version of “Am Fenster”, and would
prove to be so gigantic a hit that the band never came close to equaling it.
Their unusual success in West Germany led to the chance to record their songs
with English lyrics, but the result, 1980’s Dreamer, failed to catch on.
The band continued despite lineup changes that led to a new-wave, keyboard
heavy sound in the eighties. By the 1990’s the classic line-up that recorded “Am
came together again, and they toured regularly throughout that
decade. The enduring popularity of “Am Fenster” was on display in 2020
when the song was voted the greatest song in the history of German rock by the
country’s DJs.