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El Ratón Cheo Feliciano, Joe Cuba Sextette 03:50
Hacerte Venir Cheo Feliciano 03:42
El Ratón Fania All Stars, Cheo Feliciano, Jan Hammer 07:56
Anacaona Cheo Feliciano 04:13
Soneros De Bailadores Cheo Felciano 08:16
Salí Porque Salí Cheo Feliciano 05:42
Yo No Soy un Angel Cheo Feliciano 05:47
Una En Un Millón Cheo Feliciano 03:42
Contigo En La Distancia Cheo Feliciano 03:30
Anacaona Cheo Feliciano 04:41

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Salsa and bolero singer Cheo Feliciano was born José Luis Feliciano Vega on July 3, 1935, in Ponce, Puerto Rico. His early life in Ponce was marked by a deep affection for music, inspired by the bolero tunes of the Trio Los Panchos. He showcased his musical talents early on by forming a group named El Combo Las Latas as a child, using makeshift instruments made from cans. In 1952, Feliciano's journey took a pivotal turn when he moved to New York City, landing in the heart of Spanish Harlem. His career began first as a percussionist in various bands and later as a celebrated vocalist with the Joe Cuba Sextet. Feliciano's unique baritone voice and improvisational skills quickly made him a favorite among Latino audiences. The year 1957 marked Feliciano's professional debut as a singer with the song "Perfidia" with the Joe Cuba Sextet, a collaboration that lasted a decade. Despite facing personal challenges, including a battle with drug addiction, Cheo Feliciano emerged triumphant, crediting his recovery to the support of his friend Tite Curet Alonso and the rehabilitation center, Hogares CREA. His return to music in 1971 was marked by the release of his solo album Cheo, featuring hits like "Anacaona" and "Mi Triste Problema." This album set new sales records in the Latino music market, underscoring Cheo Feliciano's remarkable comeback. Throughout the 1970s, he released fifteen albums with Fania Records, delivering hits and exploring bolero music, notably with the 1972 album La Voz Sensual de Cheo. In 1982, he founded his own recording company, Coche Records. He was honored by his peers in 1984 and continued to break barriers, including being the first tropical singer to perform at the Amira de la Rosa Theater in Barranquilla, Colombia, in 1985. Over the following years, Cheo Feliciano continued to expand his catalog with albums such as Los Feelings de Cheo (1990) and La Combinación Perfecta (1995) and collaborated with the likes of Ruben Blades and Sergio George's Salsa Giants. In 2008, he was recognized with Latin Grammy Life Achievement Award. He passed away on April 17, 2014, in a car accident at the age of 78.