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Polishing Peanuts Deluxe, Cyph4 04:20
Bonhomme Deluxe, Nneka 04:01
Get Down Deluxe 04:11
A l'heure où Deluxe, IAM 04:15
Pony Deluxe 03:28
Superman Deluxe, Taiwan MC & Plex Rock 03:52
My Game Deluxe 06:31
Oh Oh Deluxe 05:01
Shoes Deluxe 04:07
Flowers Deluxe 03:41

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Moustache Gracias

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Deluxe were discovered by the Chinese Man record label whilst busking in the streets of Aix-en-Provence in 2007. Their quirky combination of funk, hip-hop, jazz and electronica produces a new and individual sound. The band uses multiple instruments such as keyboards, double bass, saxophone, trumpet, guitar and percussion. Their performances are energetic, lively and full of colour. The main vocalist is rapper and singer Liliboy, who was the last member of the band to join in 2010, and is the only female in the band. All the other members sport large moustaches, which has become part of their signature look.

The band released their first EP 'Polishing Peanuts' in 2011, and from it the single 'Mr Chicken'. Their second EP 'Daniel' was released in 2013, followed by their first full album 'The Deluxe Family Show'. Also in 2013, they featured on the soundtrack of the film 'Fast and Furious 6' with their single 'Mr Chicken'. In 2016, the band released a further studio album, 'Stachelight', and live album 'Live à l'Olympia'. Their third studio album, 'Boys & Girls', was released in 2019 and promoted by an international tour.