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Caravan of Love Isley, Jasper, Isley 05:43
Caravan of Love Isley, Jasper, Isley 04:28
Brother to Brother Isley, Jasper, Isley 03:49
Caravan of Love Isley, Jasper, Isley 04:15
Insatiable Woman Isley, Jasper, Isley 05:12
If You Believe In Love Isley, Jasper, Isley 04:00
Insatiable Woman Isley, Jasper, Isley 06:10
Sex Drive Isley, Jasper, Isley 05:32
Givin' You Back the Love Isley, Jasper, Isley 05:22
I Can Hardly Wait Isley, Jasper, Isley 04:12

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Caravan of Love
Insatiable Woman
I Can Hardly Wait

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Emerging in 1984 following the disbandment of American band The Isley Brothers’ six-member lineup, the short-lived side project Isley, Jasper, Isley consisted of guitarist Ernie Isley, keyboardist Chris Jasper and bassist Marvin Isley, none of whom had been members of the original trio of Isley singers. Jasper took up the mantle of frontman for the new funk outfit, becoming its lead vocalist, while all three members contributed multiple instruments to the group. In total, they released three LPs; the first, 1984’s Broadway's Closer to Sunset Blvd, failed to match the commercial success of past Isley Brothers work, with its lead single “Kiss & Tell” peaking at number 63 on the US pop chart. The group's second album, Caravan of Love, was more of a success, with its lead single and title track peaking at number 51 on the US pop chart and topping the US R&B chart. An a cappella arrangement of the song, covered by British group The Housemartins, would go on to be an international hit the following year, reaching number one in the UK, Ireland and Sweden. That same year, Isley, Jasper, Isley released their third and final album as a trio, Different Drummer. After abandoning the side project in 1987, Ernie and Marvin returned to The Isley Brothers, while Jasper pursued a prolific solo career which saw him top the US R&B chart once more with 1988’s “Superbad” and later collaborate with Chaka Khan. All three members were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1992 as part of the Isley Brothers. Following a lengthy battle with diabetes, Marvin Isley died in Chicago in 2010, aged 56.