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Cornflake Girl Tori Amos 05:05
Professional Widow Tori Amos 03:49
Winter Tori Amos 05:41
Smells Like Teen Spirit Tori Amos 03:15
A Sorta Fairytale Tori Amos 05:30
Speaking With Trees Tori Amos 03:55
Crucify Tori Amos 04:59
Enjoy the Silence Tori Amos 04:09
Crucify Tori Amos 04:28
Famous Blue Raincoat Tori Amos 05:39

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An eccentric musician whose highly individual songwriting and dynamic stage performances made her a platinum-selling artist throughout the 1990s, Tori Amos was born in Newton, North Carolina, on August 22, 1963. Already a seasoned live performer by her late-teens, she moved to Los Angeles and formed the glam rock band Y Kant Tori Read in 1984. When the group's first major-label album flopped, Amos rebranded herself as a solo singer-songwriter and moved to the UK. This resulted in her striking breakthrough as a solo artist, Little Earthquakes, featuring highly personal and critically-lauded singles like "Silent All These Years" and "Me and a Gun." Over the years that followed, Amos continued to depict the extremes of her life -- including relationship struggles and a series of miscarriages -- while living in remote Cornwall and exploring new territory with each recording. She scored a Number 1 hit in the UK in 1996 with the Armand Van Helden dance remix of "Professional Widow," a song widely interpreted to be about Courtney Love.

After pausing her career to start a family, she recorded a cover album, 2001's Strange Little Girls, during which she took songs written by men about women and reversed the perspective. This was followed by 2002's Scarlet's Walk, 2005's The Beekeeper, and 2007's American Doll Posse. Changing record labels several times along the way, Amos settled with Universal Republic in time for 2009's Abnormally Attracted to Sin.

Her music took on a change in direction in 2011, when she released her first classical-inspired album Night of Hunters. The critically-acclaimed album featured tracks based on works by Schubert, Debussy, Bach, and Chopin, and earned her the prestigious Klassik Ohne Grenzen Prize at the Echo Klassik Awards in 2012. 2012's Gold Dust, 2014's Unrepentant Geraldines, 2017's Native Invader, and 2021's Ocean to Ocean all charted within the Top 40 in the UK, with each release highlighting Amos' intricate arrangements and ever-evolving songwriting style.