Women of Metal

Diese Metal-Sängerinnen sind der absolute Wahnsinn.


Perfume Of The Timeless Nightwish 08:11
Dark Star (Tarja Lead Vocals Version) Tarja Turunen 04:42
Universal Xandria 04:41
The Exorcism Charlotte Wessels 04:48
Heed The Call Anette Olzon 04:57
Breaking the Waves Amaranthe 03:18
Evil Twin Lindsey Stirling 03:47
Fearless New Years Day 03:26
LIGHTHOUSE Infected Rain 05:23
Saviours of the Damned Nightmare 04:37
Blood Empress Unleash The Archers 05:10
Where Gods Fear to Speak Oceans of Slumber 06:25
Hell You Call A Dream The Warning 02:56
In Eternity Leaves' Eyes 03:39
Monsters Visions of Atlantis 03:35
SIRENCORE Banshee 03:03
Dying Light


Reliqa 03:18
Thin Skin Julie Christmas 02:56
Aeterna Simone Simons, Ayreon 06:02
We Are Shadows Kittie 03:35
Moonflower Blackbriar, Marjana Semkina 03:47
Stars Of Burning Lands Furies 04:27
Bestie BAND-MAID 03:35
Cloudreader ILLUMISHADE 03:12
We Go To War Within Temptation 04:19
Heart in Pain Doro 04:22
Valkyriernes Sang Myrkur 03:55
Be My Tomb Svalbard 04:55


Mimi Barks 04:14
Okapi Novelists 04:18

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