Traurig? Herzschmerz? Schlechtes Wetter? Die Playlist zu deinem Blues.


Easy On Me Adele 03:44
Love is Pain FINNEAS 03:44
wish you were here Alaina Castillo 03:22
DIM SYML 04:31
Hate That I Fell In Love With You Bow Anderson 03:17
Under Justin Jesso, Sebastian Fitzek 02:33
Let You Go (Acoustic) Yvonne Catterfeld 03:00
Cry A Little Less Kelvin Jones 03:24
Movie Blake Rose 04:07
Arcadia Lana Del Rey 04:23
Runaway (Lvl.2) AURORA 03:33
Devil On My Shoulder Chelsea Cutler 03:32
Avalanche James Arthur 03:47
Better Days (Acoustic) Dermot Kennedy 03:06
Drunk for You Charlotte Cornfield 03:05
A Case Of You – Deezer Sessions (Women’s Voices) Birdy 03:48
Universe King LX 03:51
Is It Just Me?


Emily Burns, JP Cooper 03:23
Holding on to Letting Go Scott Quinn 02:45
A Concert Six Months From Now FINNEAS 03:25
The Fire (String Version) Celine Cairo 04:15
Hopeless Romantics James Tw 02:59
love and hate Camylio 03:10
Happy For You Lukas Graham 03:46
Here Comes the Change (Live from the Village) Kesha 03:32
Fix You - Deezer Home Sessions Tom Walker 03:18
look up Joy Oladokun 03:33
Love Is Weird Julia Michaels 02:30
Biblical Calum Scott 03:49
I’m So Happy Emily Burns 03:07