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With our features, get the most personalized music experience.

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Music and podcasts tailored to your tastes

Your music is an expression of your identity. We make it our priority to give you the most personalized music and podcast experience, with recommendations curated for you. It's simple: the more you listen and like, the better your recommendations will be.

Personalized music recommendations

What's new

Instant collaborative playlists

Got Spotify friends? Shaker gathers your friends' music in one place

High Fidelity musicTry Shaker

your personalized, infinite mix

Flow serves up an automated mix based on mood or music style. This is the ultimate AI recommendation tool that learns and grows with you, combining your favorites with new discoveries to match how adventurous you're feeling.

Music based on your mood and styleDiscover Flow
Song lyrics

Sing along with lyrics

Sing along to what you're listening to with Lyrics. Want to know what the words mean? Try our Translation feature!

Discover Lyrics
Discover Lyrics

No internet? No problem!

We don't want anything to ever come between you and your listening experience. For our paying Deezer subscribers, you can take your music and podcasts wherever you go, thanks to our download function, helping you save on data too.

Discover offline
Offline musicDiscover offline

Want to identify the song playing around you?

With SongCatcher, you can! Our song recognizing feature identifies music in seconds. Once identified, you can add the track to your favorites to listen later.

songcatcherDiscover SongCatcher

Elevate your music with High Fidelity sound

High Fidelity sound is available as as a top-of-the-line benefit for our paying Deezer subscribers. Experience all your music in lossless quality and superior sound once, and you'll never go back.

High Fidelity musicDiscover more

Stream across all your devices

From mobile, TV, desktop, speakers and more, connect to your devices in seconds to access your music at all times.

Deezer for all devicesDiscover compatible devices

Transfer your library

Import your entire music collection, including your playlists, favorites and more from other music streaming services instantly.

Discover more

Podcasts worth listening to

Want to go beyond music? Discover our selection of personalized podcasts for you. Be inspired, stay informed or keep entertained with our curated podcast experience.

Wide podcast catalogDiscover more

We've got music quizzes!

Think you know music? Test your song guessing skills on hundreds of playlists and challenge friends to battles!

We've got music quizzes!Discover all games
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